When selecting the size of your prints, we recommend that you follow the following steps...

  • Identify which images you love and add them to your Favourites.

  • Decide the medium you want to display them in, such as a print for a wall, a frame for a shelf or a photo book.

  • If you want some artwork for your wall, then the next step is to decide which wall you want to display your photos on.

  • Do you want you wall to have

    • one large print 

    • a series of photos individually framed, or

    • One large collage that includes several images

  • Once you have decided which image you want and where to place it, we recommend that you work out which size will be best for the space you have selected.  Remember that if you only want one image then you are best going with as large final product as possible so as to fill your wall.  The bigger the space the bigger the final size of the print.  If you us to frame your print, remember allow a few inches around the edge for your matt and frame.

We always work within our clients' budget.  While we want you to have all your images, we appreciate that it is better to select a few perfect ones that suit your needs and display them instead of purchasing too many and never doing anything with them.  Our clients spend an average of $350 on prints.