muddy handsmuddy handsWe love it when children get dirty through play.
COVID19 Policy

Different is the new normal.  Little Things Photography has implemented some changes to our procedures to ensure the safety of both your staff and ours, and of course the children.  These changes are designed to keep everyone safe whilst still allowing us to work effectively.  

We kindly request that you MUST reschedule your booking if anyone from your centre has any cold/flu symptoms, (even if on the day) OR if they have been in contact with someone confirmed/suspected to have COVID19.  

Our format has changed for the foreseeable future, but we assure you that we can still obtain a gorgeous set of photos for each child while keeping within the guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.  Should you decide to book us to photograph your children, we ask that you display a copy of this document for at least one week prior to us visiting your centre so parents understand our policies.

We will continue to operate with social distancing and increased diligent sanitisation and hygiene procedures. These procedures are followed by all staff members:

  • Only one staff member will be visiting each day to minimise contact.
  • No indoor photographs will be taken.
  • HAND SANITISER will be used on entry of the centre.
  • ALL our props and equipment are thoroughly sanitised between sessions.
  • Wherever possible, we only book one centre per week.  This gives us sufficient time not only to sanitise our equipment, but also to monitor our own health and reschedule should we suspect we have been exposed at another centre.
  • We NEVER photograph when we feel sick and ask that you contact us immediately (even on the day of photographing) if you or anyone at your centre feels sick.
  • Contact between adults should be kept to a minimum to avoid potential spreading of COVID19, therefore we ask that all parents leave the centre before we arrive to photograph the children.
  • MASKS will be worn by our staff with the exception of while taking the group photo as they need to be able to project their voice.

We continue to be here to help, advise and support you at all times, and appreciate your ongoing support.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or have further measures you would like us to adhere to.